Prevent unauthorized leaks of promotional material (teasers and trailers) and full versions of new titles on social and traditional media by creating fingerprints as things are created.

Third-parties including distributors, local licensees etc. do not always follow embargoes, geographic restrictions, or even best practices. We create a layer of protection against these issues on social and media by only allowing posts at the correct times.

Ensures that only approved content is shown in the right quality on the right platforms. No bad images, uncleared music, incorrect clips, broken embargoes, or just blurry trailers

There is no going back, once something hits the internet. Even if we’re able to remove material from social and traditional media, the damage has already been done. An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

How it works.


Lasso is given timely access to raw footage, sales material, trailers, etc while these are being created.


Digital fingerprints are created to protect this material on social media and video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


A policy of blocking all uploads until certain agreed upon dates and/or in certain territories is applied to these digital fingerprints.


Further manual sweeps are performed by our certified team to prevent any parties from bypassing our safeguards.